PTIT Standing Committees are appointed by the Council of trustees to assist and support the Institute on particularly public policy and regulatory related activities. The fundamental missions of the three Standing Committees – the Exploration & Production Standing Committee (E&P STC), the Refining & Petrochemical Standing Committee (R&P STC) and the Logistics & Marketing Standing Committee (L&M STC) – are to provide support for the industry members in each group to work collaboratively on issue of common interests and to share best practices among them. As well, they are tasked with proactively interacting with related agencies and government agencies in the formulation of necessary laws and regulations in order to make the business sustainable and for the best interests of the industry and the country. Various task forces comprised of delegates from the industry have been set up to perform activities in order to achieve these missions. The activities of these task forces are focused on the areas of health, safety and environment as well as operations.


Given the dynamic nature of the business and the changes that have emerged since 2008, PTIT realized how important it is for the industry to communicate proactively with the public in order to build a common understanding and to strengthen the public image of the industry. A new task force, the Public Affairs and Government Relations Task Force, has therefore been set up under each Standing Committee to perform this role. These new task forces will provide strategic directions for the industry in the areas of public communication and advocate with related agencies and authorities on the issues.



Each Standing Committee is chaired by a PTIT Trustee for neutrality and impartiality. A chairmanship term is two years starting from January 1st of the year. In view of a smooth transfer and continuity of the Standing Committee's activities, a Vice Chairman shall be appointed by the Council of Trustees at the start of the second year of a Chairman's term and he will automatically become a Chairman at the end of the Chairman's 2-year term. In addition, there shall be a rotation/change of companies to chair various Standing Committees every two years.


A composite diagram of all PTIT Standing Committees and Task Forces

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