Environment Task Force

Chairman: Dr. Bowornsak Wanichkul
  Asia Pacific Field SSH&E Advisor
  ExxonMobil Limited


  • The key activityof task forcefor the year provided full support to PTIT to undertake a key study project for  the Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry to set up VOCs standards in industrial wastewater.  The study included the surveys of  20 operating plants in refining and petrochemical industry in Rayong and Cholburi, and to collect 120 industrial wastewater samples to identify the VOCs.  The result of the study helps the regulators to more understanding of  the effort and effectiveness of the industry in operating the wastewater treatment systems at a good standards, as well as to demonstrate to effectiveness of regulator-operator cooperation in setting up appropriate environmental standards. 

    In addition,the task force took part incoordinating with relevant parties to resole VOCs issue in Map ta Phut area as appointed by the Pollution Control Department, the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand and Rayong Province and to  promote best practices on VOCs reduction among industrial plants in Map Ta Phut. For the Map Ta Phut town planning, the task force was gived recommendations on town zoning management to jointly drive the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)



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