New Technician Development for Petroleum & Petrochemical Industry

  • Mr. Paron Israsena na Ayudhaya, Chairman of the Suksapattana Foundation and member of the PTIT Council of Trustees, introduced a new human resources development concept to the technician development program. The concept applies constructionism techniques "Learning How to Learn" and "Learning by Doing" into the teaching method.
  • The Constructionism Process initiated by Prof. Seymour Papert of MIT, who believed that the better learning process does not come from the initiation of new teaching techniques, it actually happened when the teacher gave better opportunity to students to learn and develop themselves through self-learning process. This concept is applicable to adult or workforce that they normally do well if they have opportunity to do whatever they love to do.
  • PTIT has developed skilled and knowledgeable technicians required by the petroleum and petrochemical industry through the "New Technician Orientation" program, the "PI-ChEPS" program and the "V-ChEPC" program.

New Technician Orientation

New Technician Orientation is a one-month training program launched in 2007, for which the prime purpose is to equip newly recruited technicians with knowledge and skills through the application of new teaching techniques before their actual works start.


Productivity Improvement & Innovation Creation Training by Learning or "PI-ChEPS" is a comprehensive 10-month training program aiming to develop new leaders who could future inspire and lead technician teams of PTT Chemical Public Co., Ltd. and its affiliates. The program started in 2007 and is designed for 9 to 15 technicians to be trained each year.

V-ChEPC Concept & Practice

Vocational Chemical Engineering Practice College or "V-ChEPC" is a new teaching initiative, two-year high vocational certificate program aimed to develop new technicians with the skills needed by the industry. The pilot site is at Map Ta Phut Technicial College (MTPTC)