All PTIT members have special privileges on PTIT services over non-members. However, members of each membership category do have different benefits, such different rates of service fees for training courses and eligibility to participate in the Standing Committees.

Through PTIT's diverse activities, all members can participate in support of the sustainable and competitive development of Thailand's petroleum, petrochemical and related industries.


Beneficiaries: Industry and The Nation

Through the provision of news, wide-ranging education, training, information, and technical service, research and development, and policy and regulatory issues, the Petroleum Institute of Thailand will benefit a large number of individuals, the industry, the government, and various organizations, both local and foreign.

  • The upstream and downstream industry sector of Thailand's oil and gas industry will have the advantage of a growing number for highly proficient people entering the workforce. Qualified Thai professionals will be available in all major fields of oil, gas and petrochemical specialization. Continuing professional educational opportunities will ensure that those involved at present in the industry are kept up to-date with the latest developments and technologies.
  • PTIT industry members through PTIT Standing Committee and Task Forces provide a neutral floor for the government and the industry to work together and to think together regarding policy and regulatory issues in the petroleum and petrochemical businesses. The Institute plays a very vital supporting role for the government here, whereby creating opportunities for industry to participate proactively in the regulatory areas. Through these task forces the expertise from both government and industry can be harnessed and put together for the best of the country.
  • Government agencies will be able to avail themselves of an improved human and information resource base, thereby enhancing their ability to plan, negotiate, and implement policies and projects within the petroleum and petrochemical sectors, and hence improving overall efficiency.
  • As PTIT mobilizes funds and materials for courses and technical training, the recipient educational and research institutions will be both related to current industry needs and able to establish new capabilities to serve the changing demands of the industries.
  • Through the programs that PTIT supports, new career opportunities are opening up for the Thai people. Prospective industry entrants will have a chance to identify new career opportunities and improve their qualifications through the training.
  • PTIT's HRD activities will provide Thai people with opportunities to find new jobs, as well as opportunities to develop themselves for advancement.

While the public and private sectors are working towards energy self-sufficiency, PTIT is working to make Thailand professionally self-sufficient. As a whole, the country will benefit and therefore everybody benefits.

As the competency and integrity of the PTIT become wider recognized and its useful roles gain more acceptances by government agencies, educational and research institutions, and eventually general publics, PTIT members' image will also be lifted, thereby enhancing their public creditability.